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We specialise in re-training racehorses for polo. In this growing market its becoming increasingly exciting as more and more people approach us every year to take their horses on and re-train them with a view to selling them in the polo world. It provides a way to get out of locked up equity in a racehorse that perhaps isn't up to speed, lazy or simply costing too much after a narrow miss of a triple-dip recession.

There is no question that today's game demands a thoroughbred horse. During the last decade we have witnessed a dramatic change in the speed that polo is played at, forcing a change in the type of horses needed to compete. Thoroughbred Polo Ponies Ltd specialise in sourcing and training these horses. We have contacts all over the UK and Ireland who are constantly supplying us with new horses.

Somehow and amazingly this market is growing which has added focus to our philosophy of 'work hard while the sun is shining'. We have various thoroughbreds in training with us now and we have space for more, so if you have a horse that isn't quite fulfilling your expectations, have you considered a career for it in polo? Send me an email and we can chat about your horse and discuss different options for its future.

"Some of our horses have pedigrees from lines such as Avonbridge, Green Desert, Mr. Prospector, Danehill and so on from American, French and English bloodlines. We can also boast lines from some Argentine lines too, like Southern Halo, Fancy Halo, Farnesio, Cinco Grandes, Sportivo, Sport Car and many more..."